"Hiver is an essential part of our Admin teams' workflow. Hard to imagine working without it!"

Paul Farnell CEO, Litmus.com

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Share your Gmail labels to set up a Shared Mailbox in seconds

Shared Labels sync emails between Gmail mailboxes

Share email by just adding gmail labels to them in your Gmail mailbox. Easily assign tasks, delegate emails and track their status

Shared Notes - now share notes between mailboxes

Write a note on a Gmail thread in your mailbox, and have it show up in your team-mates' mailboxes

Task notifications right inside your Gmail mailbox

Get task notifications, view them and resolve them, from right inside your Gmail inbox. Now no jumping between Gmail and another app.

Easily build email based workflows

Setting up Hiver to do customer support, sales lead management, project management etc. from your mailbox is super easy!

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