5 Little Known Tools That’ll Change The Way You Use Gmail

By Ashwin Satyanarayana
Little Known Gmail Tools

Gmail came in with a splash – a clean interface an ever expanding inbox size, and backed by Google’s supposedly excellent infrastructure in the year 2007, and it’s getting better ever since.

Today, the ubiquitous email service is a part of most people’s workflow. It integrates with most other Google’s services such as Calendar, Drive, and is a core part of Google Apps for business – an entirely different animal altogether. Businesses have been taking to Google Apps in a large way.

If you haven’t read about it yet, check out some of the largest Google Apps deployments ever.

Part of the reason why Gmail gets better – apart from Gmail’s feature set – is the possibility of integrating many third-party apps to enhance or customize your Gmail experience.

Here are some little known tools that’ll change the way you use Gmail:

Make Gmail Your Default Mailbox Using Send From Gmail (by Google)

Send from Gmail

If you are a hardcore Gmail user, you wouldn’t want other applications like Outlook or Apple Mail to fire up each time you click on a mailing link. No matter where you are on the web, you might just want your Gmail to be the primary email client (makes sense, right?).

Send From Gmail does just that: it makes Gmail your default email. It’s an extension for Chrome that’ll provide you with a button and also quickly open a compose window to allow you to compose email and fire it away.

Take Notes Within Email With Notes for Gmail

Notes for Gmail

Are you an Evernote Junkie? Do you end up getting a lot of input from your clients, your team, or from your boss? Are you a habitual note taker? You’ll realize that Evernote is not always the most convenient option especially if your workflow involves a lot of emails to and fro.

That’s when you’d have to take a small detour and use Notes for Gmail.

The nifty browser extension allows you to take notes within your emails. Annotate, add sticky notes, and set yourself reminders. You can markup your drafts, put up to-dos, note phone numbers and related people, pin notes, deploy custom folders, setup email due dates, and a lot more.

Embrace The Interactive, Rich Web with PowerInbox


You are used to the new web now, aren’t you? You now get to see slide decks on Twitter feeds, signup for newsletters on Twitter itself, and you get to embed Facebook posts on live web pages.

You are used to swiping, pinching, zooming, and have the whole interactive web on any device. It’s time the humble email grew out of its rustic roots to embrace the interactive web.

PowerInbox makes that happen – it allows you to view rich, interactive content right from within your emails. You can browse videos, fill up forms, and leave comments on articles and more.

Plus, there are extra security features to turn your Gmail Inbox into a digital fortress with extra email security (with built-in validation) and boasts of other features like RemoveMe to help you quickly unsubscribe from newsletters and Junk emails.

Quicklinks from Gmail labs


If there's something cooking in Gmail labs, you can either write it off as ridiculous or swear by it. Quicklinks is one such feature that you might just depend on. Quicklinks adds a small box on the Gmail sidebar and it helps you build quicklinks that you'd need regular access to.

Think productivity:
"to-do lists"
"blogs to read",
"Emails from Clients"
"Media Attachments"

Well, you name it.

Adam Pash of Lifehacker writes on how he used Gmail Superstars (another labs feature) along with Gmail Quicklinks to create a smart "to do" list.

How are you going to use Quicklinks?

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts with Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail

What if it’s not one Gmail account that you manage? If you were like me, you’d probably have more than one Gmail account to use. Some of these accounts belong to you and then you inherit some others while working long-term with clients.

Imagine logging in and out of multiple Gmail accounts. If it’s not a nightmare, I don’t know what else is.

That’s when you’d find Checker Plus for Gmail a blessing. Even without opening your Gmail Inbox, you can read, listen, and check emails across multiple accounts.

That’s really getting your Gmail to another level, fixing the multiple account nightmares along the way.

What are your favorite Gmail tools, apps, and extensions? While you are at it, check out Grexit and our newly launched Mailflo App that can change the way you use Gmail.

Let us know what you think?

About the author:

Ashwin is an Internet marketing consultant, Content Strategist, prolific blogger, and a technology enthusiast. He is the owner of fetchprofits. He is an entrepreneur who believes in marketing more than the product. He is an avid reader, a die-hard traveler.


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